Quality Storage And Care Of Essential Oils

Quality Storage & Care of Essential Oils

If properly cared for, many essential oils can have a shelf life up to seven years or longer.

Some essential oils will get better with time:

They Don't Go Rancid

Most essential oils and essences do not go rancid like vegetable oils. Essential oils they just lose their potency and can smell โ€œoffโ€. There are a select few oils (such as jasmine) that can smell really off as they age, but these are rare.

Loosing their potency

Citrus oils are the first to lose their potency; if opened regularly they could lose their potency in 5 โ€“ 12 months.

Avoid touching the essential oil dropper to the skin ; this can cause a build-up of bacteria, decreasing potency and causing a scent change.


Keep essential oils in a dark place out of direct sunlight or any direct source of heat โ€“ the fridge is an ideal place! Avoid bathrooms, as these have regular temperature changes that harm essential oils.