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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are all 100% pure & natural essences straight from the plant. They are utilized in aromatherapy therapeutically to treat the A to Z of any ailment.


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Father's Day Gift Boxes - 20% Off Until June 5th with Promo Code DADDAY

Father's Day Gift Box
Father's Day Gift Box
Father's Day Gift Box

Father's Day Gift Box


Spoil Dad this Father's Day with a gift box from Escents.

Not sure what to choose? Our pre-selected gift boxes make it easy!

Choose from some favorites for dad including a Breeze Gift Box, a Muscle Relief gift box, a Hair Care gift box and an Outdoors gift box.

The Hair Care gift box contains a Shampoo & Conditioner in Stimulate (500ml each) and a Vitalize Scalp Serum for Dry Scalp.

The Muscle Relief gift box contains a 100ml Muscle Relief Massage & Bath Oil, 250g Muscle Relief Bath Salts, 9ml Muscle Relief Roll on and Muscle Relief Bar of Soap.

The Outdoors gift box contains an Outdoor Body Balm, 9ml Itch B'Gone Roll On, Bug Off Aroma Blend (no longer contains Citronella), and Renewal Deodorant.

The Breeze gift box contains a 180ml Breeze Aroma Mist, 500ml Breeze Wash & Bubble, Breeze Deodorant,15ml Breeze Aroma Blend and Car Diffuser

    Graduation gift boxes now available. 20% OFF with promo code gradday until June 5.

    Graduation Gift Box


    Do you know a grad who could use a little celebration in a box?

    The items in this box are perfect to help anyone celebrate a milestone achievement!

    Included in this box is an Aroma2Go USB Diffuser, 15ml Aroma Blend, Bath Bomb, Hand & Body Lotion (250ml)

    Add a personalized note of congratulations with your gift!


      Making the time for yourself after a busy day at work or school can be difficult. The biggest first step in creating a healthy routine is planning, in baby steps and allowing for hiccups!

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      Clear your head - get focussed!

      Looking for natural ways to keep your clarity and focus? Whether you need to be sharp for work or play, check out these top tips using the power of essential oils!

      Show Me how

      We don’t normally think of an orange as having an essential oil, but like everything, we can benefit hugely from the oils extracted from the rinds of this fruit.

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      Born From Nature

      Our 100% pure essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Turkey for the sweetest of rose oil, France for soothing and relaxing lavender. Our farmers are part of our connection to the land and the healing plants that we harvest from.

      Our in-house oil blends are crafted right here in Vancouver, Canada, blended by hand, bottled and delivered directly to you.

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      About Escents

      in 1992, Escents was created with the idea that everybody deserves a natural, "born from nature" connection to aromatherapy. The proven healing benefits of essential oils inspired our company Founder, Jacqui MacNeill after her own recovery from emergency brain surgery in her 3rd trimester, (carrying twins).

      Essential oils were paramount to her recovery & healing and Jacqui felt inspired to share her new found love for botanical remedies with the rest of the world. Escents Aromatherapy was born.

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